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"Art is not defined by what we can see, it is defined by what we can feel."

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Vintage Petite Sessions

April 2018 Portrait Promotion

Cherry Blossom Sessions 2018

When you get to go back down memory lane through a year’s worth of photography, you really get to see what all your hard work and creativity can accomplish!

We decided to put together a group of favorite images from last year’s sessions to sort of show you what we have been up to and where our hearts have taken us. However, even with multiple culls, and squinting our eyes shut more than once, we still ended up with over 200 favorite photographs from client sessions last year.

I wouldn’t want to make you sit through all of that and two cups of coffee, we have things to do! (Like picking up the kids from school)

We did arbitrarily choose from our final list of photographs to give you a little glimpse into what we do. However, my big take-away from this project was this: we want to connect with you more throughout the year! With 5 kids and a family business, well, we sort of forgot to write to you, and I want to change that for 2018!

It is somewhat easy to snap cell phone pictures for Instagram, but I think you and I can get a deeper connection here. I am looking forward to blogging again, and sharing our little safe space on the internet with one another.

I hope you enjoy our 2017 favorites and get wonderful inspiration for what can create together this year.

2017 Year in Re-View

Behind The Scenes


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