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"Art is not defined by what we can see, it is defined by what we can feel."

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andrea halsey

Vintage Petite Sessions

April 2018 Portrait Promotion

Cherry Blossom Sessions 2018

Andrea Halsey has been a photographer and artist her entire life. She has studied art, design, music, architecture, science, computer programming, drawing, painting, writing, film and digital photography. Her transition into motherhood brought a new creative passion where she was able to tell the story of childhood and family using the camera as her medium. Combining her life experiences and talents she opened her first photography studio in 2007. This is where her creative passion was able to take new heights, continuing on a path to the painted portraits and beautiful fine art photography that has become her signature work today.

With over 10 years professional portrait experience, Andrea Halsey has experienced the breadth of photographic artistry. Her inspiration comes from both the modern candid moments to the traditional lighting and posing techniques studied from the great masters. This combination of the old world and new creates a unique style that shows in her work. She provides her clients with both beautiful wall art, but also a series of imagery that tells their story.

Personal Interests

Andrea Halsey is interested in and studies a variety of life’s subjects. The subtle nuances of life experiences are interpreted in her life’s philosophy and manifests in her creative work. There isn’t much under the sun that she will not be interested in studying. From sociology, to writing, to the cosmos. Such is the life of an artist, ever exploring, learning and growing. With all her interests and abilities it is her passion for children that has kept a constant hold in her heart, making a family’s legacy her supreme inspiration in this world. In her own words, she has the philosophy that without our memories, and without capturing them in some form, we aren’t left with much of anything.

Personal Life

Ms. Halsey knows what it means to have nothing and everything. As a child, she experienced both incredible wealth as well as homelessness. She knows what it means to be a child without her father or mother and has seen what it takes to achieve greatness under great adversity. Her unique take on these experiences only rooted her in her work with children. In some ways, knowing what can be lost has birthed a passion to preserve them for others.

Today, Andrea is surrounded by family and love. Her and her partner, Nick have a Brady-bunch style home with five children ranging from 2 years to 12 years old. She loves to inspire each of their own life’s purpose by encouraging her children to work hard and follow their dreams.

From Andrea Halsey

Hello there! I want to take a moment to thank you for reading more about me and my work. While some people think I am quite extroverted, the truth is I can be very shy at first. It takes a lot of strength to “put yourself out there” and for someone like me, it must. be. with depth and meaning. This is the story of a photographer, the artist who is more comfortable behind the lens, than in front.

That being said, one of my favorite parts of my work is that I get to know you and your family in a beautiful and meaningful way. While I love, love, love beautiful portraits, what I am also seeking out is something extra special to you. Many times what that even is, is discovered in my process for a portrait session. That makes each and every session truly unique to you and your family, while keeping my creative mind in focus. (ha! See what I did there)

My goal for each session is to make it a fun experience as well. I am always thinking from a child’s perspective, what it means to be small and new to the world and can we, as adults, craft and shape their experience in a way that gives them joy, love and security. If you are someone who seeks out to also give this to your children, then you and I are a perfect fit. Fads will come and go, but true meaning and depth will last forever. XOXO ~Andrea Halsey


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