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"Art is not defined by what we can see, it is defined by what we can feel."

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Vintage Petite Sessions

April 2018 Portrait Promotion

Cherry Blossom Sessions 2018

One of the new mediums I am currently creating is digital hand-painted portraits. They are a stunning way to create art from memories and are transformed into true canvas art. These canvases are not merely inkjet printed on canvas-like material (the knock offs we have started seeing sold in big chain stores). Oh no, these are the real deal from true artisan canvas crafters who strip, bond, sand, and build from a technique perfected for over 50 years. The canvas is then hand-painted with lacquer paint strokes and then expertly framed by our studio.

The process is quite time consuming and intense. However, that is what it takes to create true art and we are dedicated to do just that for our clients. Rather than going through the long list it takes to create one-of-a-kind hand-painted portraits, I thought it would be a great idea to show you the progression from Photograph to Edit to Painting.

I have always had a love of portraits and painting and this is my avenue for creating using old-world techniques combined with modern technology. As technology ever-so-forwardly increases in ability, I find it very interesting that we always connect and relate to the history of art. Through my work, I ponder how that factors in preserving memories for the future. Photography and painted portraits are a means to create meaning and depth, a concept that cannot be replicated by technology because in it’s very nature… is human. As we move forward, we have to ask ourselves how important are not only our memories, but the memories we create for our loved ones. How will we incorporate them into our lives, and what is it that truly speaks to us when we see them adorned on our walls.

Final Painting Hand Painted by Andrea Halsey

Final painting (by Andrea Halsey)

Edited by the Studio: Andrea’s hand painted portraits are exclusively made for portrait clients of Andrea Halsey Photography. If you are interested in having her vision made for your family, please contact the studio to set up a consultation. All of her hand painted portraits come from the imagery obtained during her photo sessions. The above hand-*edited* portrait is an example of her work presented during a regular portrait session. Images are selected by the client for reproduction as a painting when requested.


Painting Progression

Behind The Scenes


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