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"Art is not defined by what we can see, it is defined by what we can feel."

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Vintage Petite Sessions

April 2018 Portrait Promotion

Cherry Blossom Sessions 2018

That moment when something happens.

One of my favorite quotes: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.

We even put this in our welcome packets for inspiration.

That is one thing I like to share with those interested in a portrait session with us. We can create the perfect scenery, the perfect outfits, the perfect lighting, the perfect mood, the perfect colors – but LIFE is what I look for to happen. A moment that takes our breath away. We seem to capture several (often, many) of these in our portrait sessions.

It does depend on taste, as I do love a well crafted master portrait as well. Maybe everyone is smiling at me (the camera), maybe everyone is embracing the moment. Either way, I love to get a mix of candid and posed portraits.

Here is a great example of a crafted master portrait, and a candid moment no-one could have expected. Which do you prefer? Or do you love both?


That Moment

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