It is that time of year again where the studio is bustling to prepare for our fall season promotion, with all of the beautiful weather and all the beautiful clients to come. Andrea Halsey is Greensboro’s top portrait artist and Childhood and Family Photographer.

We want Andrea as our family photographer!

If you are a new client and bummed about missing out this fall, fear not! Once you book a portrait session with us you will get access to all of our future Petite Sessions. Simply give us a call to plan your first Andrea Halsey portrait experience as soon as you and your family are ready to use Andrea as your family photographer.

What is a Petite Session Promotion?

Petite Sessions are mini sampling sessions, complete with Andrea’s signature artistic photographing style. We typically host a Petite Session with a special classic feature or theme.

Ok, I can’t wait… what’s the bonus?

Two of our most sought after and coveted products are a featured in this promotion. That’s right! We are bringing back the digital files and re-print license exclusively for our VIP Petite Sessions. You can catch your breath now! We are just as excited as you are. In addition, you may need to sit down now, but we are also going to feature our signature holiday cards – yes THE exclusive, most exquisite cards featuring your favorite images to share with friends and family for the holidays. You do not want to miss out this year!

Per usual, you must get in on this early bird special quickly to capture this deal. We are now a two-(hu)man show, but we will still have very limited availability. These sessions can be booked between now and October 31st (where our normal pricing will come back to liiiiife!! #halloween #spooky).

How can I book a Petite Session for 2017?

We have a Big Cartel site for hosting our VIP Promotions! We have added six VIP Fall Petite Sessions to be made available for sessions between now and October 31st. Simply purchase your spot through our site and we will contact you to get started. We can’t wait to start conceptualizing your very own custom portrait session!

Greensboro's Best Family Photographer
Please give us a call for pricing and availability! 336-543-7847 or, you can contact us online here:


Fall Petite Sessions 2017

July 25, 2017

Premium Holiday Cards

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Andrea Halsey is a portrait artist and designer in Greensboro, North Carolina. She has been photographing area families for over 12 years, has achieved multiple photography related awards and was featured on the Dr. Oz show after photographing his family portraits. Raised in the Carolinas, she has a love for beautiful landscapes and family values, with complex inspiration from Mark Twain to Kate Spade.

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